The St. Sebastian Review is an LGBTQ Christian literary magazine, founded to give voice to a community often disenfranchised and unheard.

We exist as a forum within and from which LGBTQ Christians of any denomination can engage both critically and compassionately the culture in which they find themselves.

We are purveyors of fine poetry, fiction, nonfiction essays, and visual art from among the LGBTQ Christian community and its allies.

  • Weekly Prompt: Clothing

    Clothing is a pretty integral part of our lives, whatever our feelings on that may be. Whether you consider yourself fashion-forward or you just wear clothing for the sake of itself, think about an outfit you wore once. It could be one for a special event, a turning point in your life, or on a random day.

    Write a poem either to or about this outfit. What is significant about the day you wore it? What were the colors, fabrics? Was it comfortable? Why did you choose this outfit? Would you ever wear it again?